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Fall 2023 Women’s Yoga Retreat:
The Essence of Embodiment

Lake Superior Barn Maple, WI  |  Sept. 14-17, 2023


As the Buddha famously said, “Everything that arises in the mind starts flowing with a sensation on the body.” In this spiritual yoga retreat, you will have the opportunity to not just have a life-changing experience in the remote wilderness of Lake Superior, you will be given space and resources to BE the life-changing experience you deeply desire. With the theme The Essence of Embodiment as the thread connecting every person, activity, meal, and environmental touch throughout this retreat, we invite you to engage in all that is offered with your body, in your body, and through your body.


The demands and stressors of life sever our connection with our fully embodied and acutely attuned inner-knowing self. We rely on the mind and external forces for guidance and to make sense of the world. But not here. Here, you remember. Here, you reconnect. Here, you re-embody. You are invited to partake in a variety of grounding and centering activities, including yoga, labyrinth walking, guided journaling and meditation, forest bathing, cold plunge, reiki, and more. Connect with yourself through nature or enjoy the sauna and hot tub. Every activity is an opportunity to open the door to your most pure sensate self; a sacred space to experience your body, seamless with your body.


You will gain a divine sense of personal understanding and wisdom as you allow bodily sensations and energies to emerge. This retreat will help identify and dissolve any blockages or dissociation within your inner self that are impeding your ability to fully connect with and embody your pure being. You will leave with the ability to experience transcendent communion with self, nature, and others. As the French philosopher, Merleau-Ponty said,  “To be a consciousness or rather to be an experience is to hold inner communication with the world, the body, and other people, to be with them instead of being beside them.” 

Connection, Co-Creation, Stillness

Retreat Information

$825.00 per person


  • Lodging on the shoreline of Lake Superior 

  • Daily yoga practice 

  • Meditations and Pranayama Technique

  • Co-create and sharing circles

  • Other grounding and centering activities you are invited to partake in include: labyrinth walking, guided journaling, forest meditation, hiking, cold plunge, and reiki. Also, enjoy the sauna and hot tub. 

  • All meals, snacks, and drinks 

Every activity is an opportunity to open the door to your most pure sensate self; a sacred space to experience your body, seamless with your body.

Payment and Cancellation

  • A full payment of $825 is due at time of registration

  • Payment is non-refundable 

  • 95 Yoga House reserves the right to cancel anytime due to low attendance or any other reason. 

  • Should 95 Yoga House cancel this event, registrants will receive a full refund.

95 Yoga Retreat Flyer
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